Make this year of LOVE
what You would choose for YOU!
Not sure how?

Drawing the cards for the energy of this coming year there is no time like the present moment to jump in and make those changes in your life. We have two number 4 cards, roots. Know that our Ancestors are with us all the way cheering us on. They know how much we all wish to see positive loving changes within our souls and within the world. And they too want these changes.

Listen in the wind as you will hear their voices encouraging you on. By taking time out to feel in the moment we open up our hearts to hearing our souls truth. By retreating into our heart centres, we give our Sovereign selves time to rest and refuel coming out the other side a king! For leading from our heart centres benefits the whole of humanity. Stepping forward in our Sovereignty, the number 1 of new beginnings.

Next is our egoless card – being, feeling and knowing we are special. When we rest in the peaceful womb of existence we can feel its warm caress of love. We inherently know it’s purity and unconditional hug. Love hugs our heart like no other. It is eternal and ever flowing. The root of our existence. Sit and gaze upon the cards… See, feel, touch, sense, smell…hear the messages of your soul.

Soul Guidance

Here we have our life path Master number – 11

We all have all the potential we need within our very souls to create that which we desire. And when we choose to work in partnerships of any kind absolutely Anything IS Possible! The sky’s the limit, infinite and magical. There is so much knowledge out there. So much abundance and wisdom to share. Time to focus our attention on what we do want. And trust that whatever is in our highest and best is here for us now.


Trust 11

Trust – Anything IS Possible


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