Our soul essence is WISE beyond measure. Our spirit destined to evolve higher in wisdom as we live out our truth through our heart centre.

Mindful of where thoughts can take us. What are we seeking to bring into our lives? With positive optimism from an open heart filled with infinite love we can tap into that wisdom which is always within, without, and all around us.

Our thoughts may become entangled for a while as we navigate through the mysteries of life. Like a game of checkers, sometimes our thoughts may get stuck in a web of negativity. They may bounce up and down like a yo-yo on a string. They may twist and turn like fire crackers or a cathryn wheel whirring on the spot until those thoughts burst out!

Or we can sit and watch, being the silent observer. Allowing our sensitivity to be our guide, for in so much as our minds may get tortured by life, always remember, our souls never do.

Allowing our Spark within, that light of our soul essence to burn bright, feel it’s warmth as it caresses our heart enveloping us in LOVE, pure and unconditional love. Listen to the kindness our heart has for us, feel it, soak it in to every fibre, every cell. Let positivity burst forth.

As we grow in wisdom we remain ever youthful in our heart as we let our wisdom guide. Accepting our own destiny with grace and a smile, simply watching as others learn from our wisdom just as we did from our ancestors before us.

This card holds such a ‘calm after the storm’ soul message.

© SoulStar Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

Remaining in gratitude for all that those fire cracker moments have taught us. Listen to our soul essence wisdom. Hear the wisdom singing in our soul. With feelings of gratitude we can watch and observe as these feelings bring the calm, the stillness of life, the joy, the peace. Open your heart centre wide, let your wisdom BREATHE… ahh now how GOOD does that FEEL?

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