Education – Freedom – Choice

When I was at school, at times when I found myself feeling very upset I was fortunate to have some lovely nurturing and kind teachers to whom I am now eternally grateful for all the love and support that they gave to me.

There were also cruel teachers too who would stand you in front of the class and humiliate you with a ruler over the back of your hand, when with a respectful hand over your mouth as you had been taught by your elders, the teacher rapped hard simply because you were coughing… yes the irony of child abuse then as now is not lost on me as I write.

In fact the more I write the more I realise that this post has a flow entirely of it’s own from source as it is not quite how I set out to write today. I am remembering those childhood days, the great days of freedom, tree climbing, hopscotch, skipping, playing ball in the back yard, annual holidays by the sea… Those memories remain strong and true, the tainted memories long forgiven.

I never realised until in recent years when I discovered my ‘human’ side just how little my school years had taught me about real life. Some of the insanity and suppression that goes on throughout the education system and in other organisations have come into my mind, though as we move on in forgiveness I realise this is simply further releasing needed by my soul, to be acknowledged and let go of so as to allow more healing to come in.

I follow my own sense of knowing, some may call this gut feeling and I was never wrong on the odd occasion when I followed what others thought was best and went against my own inner knowing… yes some big challenging lessons learnt there!

Sadly for the generations that have followed me I have seen and felt through personal experiences with my own children the destruction of our education system, especially since the year 2000.

I am very passionate about education and the welfare of children. I believe children need spontaneity, creativity and freedom so that they may grow and blossom into who they truly are and become who they came here to be 💛

We all learn in different ways and masses of people like myself struggle with ‘academia’ therefore having freedom of ‘how’ we learn is imperative so that everyone has a chance in life to flourish into the uniquely talented individuals that we are.

I never even knew that I had a creative side until I turned 50 years and choose out of the blue to do a DIY job on a new home. I was amazed and remain so about my own mainly self taught talents and abilities as I continue to learn and do more!

I remember in my teens seeing a programme about a free-flowing school, Summerhill and feeling how great it must be to go there.

While Summerhill School still thrives almost one hundred years on, and can be replicated across the land, there is also #HomeEducation, preferred by many people who actually seek to recreate ‘school’ at home.

Similar to Summerhill School Home Education covers all the styles of learning eg; unschooling, structured and semi-structured. Unschooling means to follow a childs leaning interests – the idea being they learn better because they are interested.

Following leaning interests is something I absolutely agree with otherwise children’s creativity and their ‘whole be-ing’ is simply stifled, as mine was back then.

I struggled greatly with written exams gaining as little as 4% in some subjects whilst gaining 100% in the practical exams. Written exams are simply a way of recording information on that day. Today I recognise myself as a visual learner, something not spoken of back then. Being sensitive’s in essence we humans are not always in that place where specific information can flow through in that moment for we may be in a state of nervousness, anxiety, or we may be having any manner of feelings that would block memory flow in that space in time.

BE #mindful in these times of #Choice we all find ourselves in. Show compassion for those who learn in a different way to us, allow them the time to share what they have to say too, and without ridicule or judgement. We all learn from each other, why not challenge yourself to find something new to learn from everyone who’s thoughts, beliefs, ways of working and communicating are different to your own.

Back to my school days – grade C in GCSE English language and grade 4 in CSE English, a 3 in Mathematics etc… wondering what sort of a job would those grades be acceptable for when I had been told women only really went into nursing, banking or secretarial work. I chose through my own sense of knowing, perseverance and my innate abilities. I became a successful manager in retail for 5 years. I stayed home a while with my three beautiful children. Today with those grades 🙂 I have given talks at the House of Commons, NHS training days, Union meetings, Holistic Health events. I am a self-published author of two books and a deck of positivity cards; a soul guide mentor; a swimming teacher; a health and wellbeing / mental health / education advocate; Mrs DIY!

Learning every day, I know there is so much more to come and whilst my work with others is deep and profound it is also full of fun and laughter. We learn so much more through our feelings and self-discovery 💎


By PosiTone®

Body, Mind, Spirit - Well-being

I am a mental health advocate with over 30 years professional experience.