Every Soul Deserves to HEAL 💚

Every Soul Deserves to HEAL 💚

Turning all this angst on its head… what if violence doesn’t breed violence rather perpetuates it – by loving the ‘perpetrators’ they receive a chance to HEAL.

What if taking a ‘hit’ metaphorically speaking, from one who displays acts of violence does not mean being ‘abused’ – rather gives a choice to understand the ‘abuse’.

What if choosing to help support others to heal through their pain by holding loving space with compassionate empathy – instead believing in the power of their own innate wisdom, courage, and strength to heal.

What if we believe in the giving of love no matter what – show compassion and forgiveness towards everyone especially toward those who show violent aggression, as glaringly obvious there is an underlying cause.

If we do not show compassion for those whos’ minds have been tortured in childhood from atrocities they ought never to have experienced, how can they heal……

By PosiTone®

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I am a mental health advocate with over 30 years professional experience.