THANK YOU! – ‘a card for the day’ Feedback

Oh my goodness!!! 🤩 I can’t stop smiling in absolute wonderment at these! The music I chose for this video was exactly the right timing to flow out at the end, INCREDIBLE!


Knowing how deeply personal and profound these messages are for you all and how much they have helped I am sharing a little of the feedback I have received. As I also respect your privacy this feedback will remain anonymous. Thanking each and every one of you for sharing, caring and BEing You!

“Truly in the flow…I am never ceased to be amazed darling, love you xx”

“Thankyou for sharing these are amazing xx”

“This message is coming through a lot for me lately. Thanks.”

“Just wanted to tell people how helpful these cards have been, Very accurate for the situations that have been happening to me over the last few months.”

“Find mine so accurate too x”

“Deep thanks for your kindness in sharing your beautiful SoulStar cards.”

“Beautiful thank you.”

“How lovely x”

“Yes pretty amazing xx”

“Fantastic Jenny xxx”

“Your daily SoulStar cards on Instagram have helped a great deal. Your kindness is inspirational.”

“Amazing, you worked really hard on this.”

“Very professional.”

“Well done x”

“Good mission!! Divinely guided.”

There are no other cards like these out there! Soul messages that send tingles down your spine, sent from the Universe just for you. These cards are UNIQUE, great for the Newly Awakened and Readers alike, and RARE as there are only 50 sets produced at this time!


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