Day 36 – Believe 12

THANK YOU for YOUR UNIQUENESS in bringing Your LOVE to the world and BE-ING THE STAR YOU ARE! 🤩

Hello and welcome to day 36 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! Simple yet POWERFUL words, FAITH, TRUST, BELIEVE! Breathe them in to the very essence of Your BEing.

YAY! Made it to the last day of readings, and our final three cards brought with them the number 12 energies of Cosmic Order! Now you have journeyed with us for 36 days, what have you let go of, have you changed your perspective on life? Are you Feeling lighter and brighter? We are all carers, all givers, all receivers for we are ALL pure unconditional LOVE, are you understanding now of Self-Love? Can you feel the difference in your Soul and Spirit?

Please remember to notice and FEEL into the powerful energy messages that these cards hold for YOU. Your OWN interpretation on the day is so important, these videos were only a Guide as the message has more meaning for each of you in any given moment. The narrative began 36 days ago with Faith, Faith in Ourselves. Then came Trust, Trust in Ourselves. Then as we keep Our Faith and Trust in Ourselves and Life we come to Believe, Believe in our Inherent Sense of Soul and Spirit, Believe in Who We TRULY Are. We learn, we grow, we ‘FEEL to Heal’ and we evolve. Our Soul and Spirit WISER, Happier, far more loving towards Self and others – Care-FREE.

We are doing good, greeting each day ANEW. I am very pleased to have reached my goal of making and sharing these videos, despite all the glitches, lol! Today we would like to share with you a bonus addition of ‘SPECIAL VISION’. This artwork came after the Rose Quartz ‘Angel experience’ healing 5 years ago, the very first of many artworks that have followed from ©LATliveart. From All the experiences we have each had and from those we have shared together over the last 8 years – after all the naysayers doubts and fears – if we CAN do it, YOU CAN too! By switching your perception of your ‘thoughts’ in the head to FEELINGS from Your Heart, and I mean really FEELING… You too CAN live a more OPTIMISTIC, HAPPY, HEALTHY, HEALING, FULFILLING and POSITIVE Life – GFI! GO FOR IT!

Today we have BELIEVE 12- I HAVE Everything when I have FAITH, TRUST & BELIEVE!!!

You have enough respect for yourself to Always be kind, caring and courteous to others. You Focus and Breathe… You take responsibility for your Own feelings. You lay no blame or disrespect at another’s door, keeping strong in your resolve believing You CAN Change for the better. LOVE is the Greatest of GIFTS… Love IS Everything!!! Starting with SELF, ‘I LOVE ME!’ Everything is working in Divine Cosmic order in Your Life.

You are LOVE! You have LOVE at the centre of your BEing, in Your own HEART!! You CAN LOVE!!! ALWAYS FEEL IT! You HAVE Everything when You have FAITH, TRUST & BELIEVE!!!

Loose yourself in the image. As you gaze deep inside, let yourself ‘FEEL’, see, hear, Sense deep in your spirit and soul…

I really hope that you have enjoyed these shares that have been freely given from My Heart. I would like to thank all of you who subscribed to my YouTube channel and to all who share, share, share the LOVE around the world for those who for their soul growth may hear these messages. THANK YOU for YOUR UNIQUENESS in bringing Your LOVE to the world and BE-ING THE STAR YOU ARE!


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