Day 32 – Trust 11

Hello and welcome to day 32 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! So who is it that says you will not do it, or you can’t, is that others or is that You? Say YES to your aims and goals and Trust! Ignore self-doubts and other’s perceptions, trusting in your own truth to know you can. You, and only You walk your path. I know ‘I Can’ because I have before, and I AM now.

For me, it was, and may still be my intention to write my third book about healing in the spiritual holistic way. Our years together of living/caring/healing through the challenges of battling the complexities of extreme PTSD… though in a way these cards ARE the next book – keep Faith, Trust, Believe! For never realising in the beginning that these soul messages are in a way Our story… Know that by trusting you CAN, you too bring great healing into your life.

Today we have Trust 11 – Anything IS Possible

SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE! You have the Spirit of Adventure within your soul. You are your own Creator, You always say, YES! Like a child in a candy store, You greet the unexpected with passion and excitement. Trust, You have everything you need. You can trust in the possibilities you see knowing they are magnificent opportunities for You. Life takes you anywhere you wish to go. You are your own destiny and choose to be where You are in any moment.

Anything IS Possible! LEARNING, TRAVEL, TEACHING, MUSIC, MAGIC! You have such great knowledge within your soul. TRUST!

Loose yourself in the image. As you gaze deep inside, let yourself ‘FEEL’, see, hear, Sense deep in your spirit and soul…

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