Day 29 – Trust 10

Hello and welcome to day 29 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! How we all doing? Are you beginning to trust that it is safe for you to live and love from the heart? That You have an amazing Spark within that is Yours to bring to light all that you desire.

Trust in Yourself. Trust in your abilities. You can live from the heart with love and humility, remaining safe and secure always. You can bring all that which you desire to have in your life into your reality. Make life FUN, joy and a pleasure!

Today we have Trust 10 – I trust my Inherent Sense of Knowing

How about me, how am I doing? Some days these videos are taking hours to finalise yet I always remember ‘OH YES… I AM I AM’, my favourite from ©LATliveart, see how your spark within explodes! Thanks for sticking with me all you lovely souls that are following, liking and sharing the LOVE. I am enjoying pouring my heart and soul into the making of these videos, and the learning 😃 and would love to know your thoughts and feelings, be honest. Are you enjoying them? Are you feeling into them and their messages? Are you beginning to understand You? Are you becoming more loving towards Yourself? Are you trusting that you are always safe? Would you like to see these images and words in different formats? I would love to hear from you.

You are WORTHY. You have a knowing inside that helps you to complete all that You begin. You CAN trust in your Inherent Senses. You choose to respond to your thoughts lovingly, knowing that You are in good space, trusting in Your Own Antennae! It’s Your beacon! Your look out point. Know that you are safe and secure when you Trust in your Inherent Sense of Knowing. TRUST Your FEELINGS, they are helping you to heal.

Looking out and all around you see infinite possibilities that you know you can trust. Trust in your Strength. You Can! What a great mantra for today, ‘OH YES… I AM I AM’

Loose yourself in the image. As you gaze deep inside, let yourself ‘FEEL’, see, hear, Sense deep in your spirit and soul…

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