Day 24 – Believe 8

Hello and welcome to day 24 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! Tap into the additional meanings that these messages have for you personally. For whatever comes to mind for you IS for YOU. How is your glass, half full or overflowing? Is your life overflowing with all the Abundance you desire?

For the last three days we have been feeling the number 8 energies of ABUNDANCE & OPPORTUNITIES! Have you felt this incredible energy? Have you grabbed all the chances that have come your way? The chances for you to change and grow, to Smile and Glow?

Today we have Believe 8 – Abundance in many lovely guises

ABUNDANCE IS YOURS! You are Abundance. You are abundantly blessed with the most amazing opportunities to live a life full of fun, love and laughter. You have everything you could ever want. You can see the abundance that life offers all around you. You can feel into the power of these abundance energies. You have an Abundance of Love, time, ideas, creativity, positivity and so much more within. Willingly invite in all that you see, feel and desire.

You stand and stare, you open your eyes, you see all the Abundance that is here in all its lovely guises from adventures to tranquillity, excitement to calm, to love, peace and happiness. You open your arms wide with joyous gratitude as you receive ALL your good and Believe. BELIEVE in the wonders of YOU!

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