Day 23 – Trust 8

Hello and welcome to day 23 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! POSITIVITY in Abundance today. Go for your goals! Turn your dreams into reality. Have that ‘kick butt’ attitude! Trust IN You. Know You CAN!

We can all start somewhere, even the tiniest change can bring miracles into your life. Whilst I have ‘things’ that play out around me, I have made a further start today on where I want to be heading to make my own life even better. Change that thought by switching perception on its perspective. TRUST YOU CAN!

Today we have Trust 8 – Positivity fills my mind, consciousness and thoughts

As you remain positively open within, you allow ALL good to come into your life. You have opportunities everywhere at your fingertips. You CAN be abundantly prosperous in everything from that which you feel, think or do! As you feel the force from within choose, I AM


Your mind, your consciousness, your thoughts are FULL of Positivity and optimism. Whatever is your goal, GFI, Go For It! Your head held high as your movement flows with grace and beauty. Your spirit that free flows speaks with Attitude, ‘I CAN DO IT!’

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