Day 21 – Believe 7

Hello and welcome to day 21 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! BELIEVE in the magic within your soul. SMILE, wake up to a new You, explore your beauty and excitement. Jump, Laugh, Sing, Dance around the room.

Our number 7 messages have brought with them the energies of magical synchronicity and knowledge. Oh WOW where do we start today! Have you ever watched in wonderment how our little children learn and grow? Children see the magic in every moment. Bring your child out to play.

Today we have Believe 7 – Magic is Everywhere!

You know you have MAGIC in your soul. You can choose to embrace all possibilities. You can see the synchronicities in life as they show you the way through the wonders of all that is around you. You can watch the clouds as they unfold and change before your eyes, see the magic in their images ignite the fire within your soul. You can look into a spider’s web, an icicle – how do they do that…you too can spin a web of MAGIC from your soul. Bring the magic inside of you OUT!

A mantra for the day, ‘BELIEVE You CAN!’ You are thirsty for knowledge and growth. Be amazed by You! Be dazzled by what you can imagine, for as you imagine you create Magic. BELIEVE in the kaleidoscope of all the mystical, magical adventures you can have!

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