Day 20 – Trust 7

Hello and welcome to day 20 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! I found myself ahead of time there for a moment on a different card! I am also having thee most bizarre techno glitches in making today’s video…very, very odd… Boy will I be pleased to receive the best phone and techno resources, help and support!

So I’m certainly having to trust in Divine timing today and simply ‘go with the flow’ and will certainly be saying today’s mantra! Trusting in our own abilities is such wonderful knowledge to have as having trust in ourselves helps us to build and strengthen our self-esteem and our sense of worthiness.

Today we have Trust 7 – Freedom flows easily in Divine timing

Let go and trust that You are always in the right place in this now moment for you. You have magical synchronicities all around you. Flow effortlessly trusting that in Divine timing all that is for your good IS here for you. Tap into these glistening light balls of energy for they are your bright ideas! You can flow effortlessly in the tide of life trusting that ALL is happening for you as it is meant to be. Mantra, ‘I now receive all that I seek.’

Your knowledge is magical and astonishing! Share your magic and knowledge for ALL. See the balance in your life as you FREEFLOW. Trust that creation is showing you Your MAGNIFICENCE!

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