Day 18 – FTB Addition

Halfway through the Faith Trust Believe card readings now, how awesome is LOVE?

Well hello everybody so this is ME, simplistic Jenny, no desire to be slick and polished as I AM happy in my own skin. Real and raw, the voice behind the videos.

Eeee I have never done anything by halves 🙃 I set myself an onerous task! No mean feat by any stroke of the imagination that I am able to get these videos out to you, borderline migraine from goggle eyed working to produce these as am learning on the go!

As a teacher, writer of healing, getting to know myself more and more each day – I love who I AM. I am here in this lifetime to educate, to educate myself and others of the wisdom that lies within our very souls. Deep and serious I AM, yes, and I love this about myself yet I AM fun and carefree too when you really get to know me.

I so love the artwork that was on today’s card, such gentle beauty shines back out at #YOU Love who you are, love all your foibles, change that which you wish to change. You are your own Master Creator!

Faith Trust Believe are we getting there… I do hope you are 🌟

By PosiTone®

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I am a mental health advocate with over 30 years professional experience.