Day 18 – Believe 6

Hello and welcome to day 18 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! Believe in the Power of LOVE. Loving ourselves is the greatest gift. It is time to fully open ourselves up, blossom like a Rose, setting free all of the love we have inside of us. We can do this because we are LOVE.

So I guess that by now you have worked out the meaning of the ultimate power energies of our last three number 6 cards. Yes, it is LOVE! Simply pure and unconditional Love. Love is eternal. Love is abundant. Love is wow Wow WOW!

Today we have Believe 6 – Sensitivity is a GIFT, ridicule past

You are past the ridiculous dramas that have played out in your life now. Let go, let LOVE. Know that You have the gift of sensitivity within. You can be and live who You truly are, your authentic self. You live in the now with joy and happiness. You are a kind and caring, compassionate be-ing. You are a sensitive soul. Handing over what has past, believing in your truth, that your sensitivity truly is a GIFT.

You are precious. You are valued. You are worthy. BELIEVE in the Power of LOVE. You are loving, loveable and loved. FEEL the beauty inside of YOU, set Yourself FREE! Loosing yourself in the image. As you gaze deep inside, let yourself ‘FEEL’, see, hear, Sense deep in your spirit and soul…

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