Day 17 – Trust 6

Hello and welcome to day 17 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! Love IS everything! Truly it IS! Sharing, caring, compassion. We are born a ball of love energy, born to love, born to share love with the world.

When you allow love to flow through anyone, anything and everything in your life you begin to glow with such radiance that others can see and feel LOVE, wanting to know how they too can be like you. Of course there are times we may feel some ‘fear’. Thinking of this as simply ‘False evidence appearing real’, see how you can breathe deeply through that moment, back into your knowing, of the power of LOVE.

Today we have Trust 6 – Love heals ALL fears, LOVE IS

The Power of LOVE truly does heal ALL. Beginning with self as You ARE Love. You have a loving heart. You have a body, mind, soul and spirit that IS pure LOVE. Breathing through in moments of ‘need’ to bring calm to your soul you can mantra, ‘Bless with LOVE, Bless with LOVE, Bless with LOVE.’ ‘I can feel the power of LOVE.’ Feel deep within, the power of this beautiful word, LOVE

LOVE encompasses everything. Love is Bright, Love is Warm, Love is FUN and full of Laughter and Joy, Love is CAREFREE. Love truly IS everything. LOVE is the gift we can all give, if we choose… Be IN love with Yourself. Be IN love with Life. BE LOVE!

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