Day 16 – Faith 6

Hello and welcome to day 16 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! We have always known that the two of us have been brought together to truly ‘know what LOVE is’. From our challenging experiences we are to share with the world the magic and beauty of pure and unconditional LOVE. These soul messages are our way of bringing through the power that IS LOVE.

Please remember to interpret for you in the moment, for what we see and feel, and Sense will be different in other moments, for as moments change so do our thoughts and feelings which is why as you gaze upon the cards you will receive different deep meanings, every time. This is the beauty of these incredible cards – they are what they mean to you in any given moment. Have faith that what you feel resonating for you, IS Your truth.

Today we have Faith 6 – I now stand Safe and Secure in my Own power

You are safe and secure because you are love. You have love all around you. You can depend on your own innate belief in unconditional love knowing that it will always keep you securely protected as you stand tall in your Own power. Keep the faith that the building blocks of life you are making are all helping you to find the loving balance and peace in your life that you seek.

You can learn the matrix just for you. Wherever you stand in your matrix you are in your Own power always, keep trust in your faith that All is well. You will always have a little sway to-ing and fro-ing as you walk your own path. Powerful dynamics are at play as you learn to balance your masculine and feminine into the true ONENESS THAT YOU ARE!

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