Day 15 – Believe 5

Hello and welcome to day 15 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! Believing that we are capable of anything, that we can change in any given moment whatever is in our lives that we want to change, is a great blessing. Recognise in yourself this gift you have to turn things around in your life through changing perceptions.

‘Card of the day’, 13/14/15 messages hold the incredibly powerful number 5 energies of CHANGE! We are always flowing and evolving, everything changes in life. Make your life a GOOD life.

Today we have Believe 5 – Inspiration

Like a spider’s web that has so many strands you too are multi-faceted, full of Inspiration and creative insight. A great mantra for today, ‘I AM Inspirational!’ You have the capabilities within to act upon your ideas. You can create anything through your wisdom of Inspiration. Look and see from everywhere, you will be amazed at what is inside of you and all-around of you. BE inspired by the beauty in life. BE inspired by the beauty in nature, the animals, the trees, the leaves, the breeze, the sun, sea, sky, and the people.

How many times have others been an inspiration to you, have you felt their passion? Feel your Passion, feeling deep inside brings that spark that is You ALIVE! IGNITE, INSPIRE! BELIEVE in the Inspiration inside your Soul! Enjoying these shares that are being freely given from the heart? Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and share, share, share the LOVE around the world. You never know who may need to see this today. THANK YOU!


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