Day 13 – Faith 5

Hello and welcome to day 13 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! Today’s date – 22nd – a Master number! 22 number meaning is to keep the faith. I was born on a 22 day. Hmmm… what does Faith mean for you?

You can close the door on all that has gone before, safe in faith that balance has been restored. You have a tower of strength inside of you for You Are a Powerhouse of Love! You can always use your strength compassionately, sharing love with all.

Today we have Faith 5 – I treat my Body, Mind and Soul with healthy respect

You are your own teacher, student and Master. Having healthy respect for your body, mind and soul helps bring about balance in your life. As change is inevitable you can change with as much ease as you allow for yourself. Treat yourself well, give yourself the green light to change and take action! Body Mind Soul

You have become your own Tower of Strength. Your faith in the changes you are making for you, always bring what is best for you. RESPECT the Whole You! As you gaze deep inside, let yourself ‘FEEL’, see, hear, Sense deep in your spirit and soul…

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