Day 9 – Believe 3

Hello and welcome to day 9 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! BELIEVE Believe in You. Believe in the goodness that is always surrounding you. Believe in pure and unconditional LOVE.

These most recent three days of messages bring with them the number 3 energies of Intuition and Adventure! With grateful trust and faith that you are being helped to be the STAR you Are burst forth on your adventure knowing that your intuition is guiding you, Believe.

Today we have Believe 3 – BE the STAR You Are!

You Are your own STAR! Be that Star, own it, know you can be it, believe it. You can BE who you are, it is ok to BE who you are, a beautiful soul. Believe in the infinite wisdom you have within. You have fantastic creative abilities inside of you waiting to burst forth. Make that creation you have inside of you happen. You are a bright STAR, shine in all your glory!

Loose yourself in the image. Let yourself ‘feel’, see, hear, sense deep in your spirit and soul. BE the STAR You Are! This card is also the 13 Chakra card. The earth star, root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, pink higher heart/thymus, throat, sky blue well of dreams, third eye, crown, white causal, silver Alpha/Galactic Female and gold Alpha/Galactic Male chakras. Are you grounding daily, connecting your physical body through your soul and spirit to Source/Creator of All that Is in a loop of infinity?

You never know who might benefit from seeing this message today so if you enjoyed this please share with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. THANK YOU!


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