Day 7 Faith 3

Hello and welcome to day 7 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe! The different time of day that I post these messages out is because I record these on the day, as I am always guided to add to the message that comes through for us so their posting is indeed in Divine timing, awesome… I’m keeping my faith as ever…a new phone charger now, faulty yesterday lol.

The crystal on the Faith cards is replicated from the one which I was guided to place in my loved one’s hand to help healing assimilate prior to leaving them to rest on the eve of what came through for them, an extraordinary Angel experience. With no previous knowledge at almost 60, their Angel experience 5 years ago brought through the flood of incredible channelled artworks. How awesome is Our Universe!

Today we have Faith 3 – All I need do is ask. Help is all around me now.

You are able to seek the help that you need from others in a calm and peaceful way. You do have support all around you that you can seek. You can ask for what you need, remembering that this may come to you in a completely different way to what you may imagine or may have wanted. Embrace and accept those who do truly understand, those who speak their truth from their authentic self. Value their wisdom. Come home to Yourself.

Loose yourself in the image. Let yourself ‘feel’, see, hear, sense deep in your spirit and soul. Know that it is ok to ask for help, and that when help comes it is ok to accept this. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Trust in the healing power of the rose quartz crystal energy.

You never know who might benefit from seeing this message today so if you enjoyed this please share with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. THANK YOU!


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