Day 4 Faith 2

Hello and welcome to day 4 of ‘a card for the day’ from SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

Between my working hours, caring for loved ones and making sure that I have some ‘me’ time too I sure am having to keep my Faith! How are you feeling… Are you starting to sense and feel into what these beautiful channelled soul messages may mean for you?

We have to laugh lol, such crazy energy times we are in and laughter will always help to lift our spirit too. I have found myself laughing at the crazy bizarreness of life, the challenges we experience, about the choice I have made to make these videos for you as now my laptop charger plug has snapped! How Amazingly apt our card is for today!!!

Today we have FAITH 2

Keep going, you are ALWAYS loved and protected

For sure we are ALWAYS loved and protected. You have choices in any partnership whether they be personal, career or otherwise, including the partnership you have with your own mind, body and soul; your Inner child, your adolescent, your parent… You can keep going, knowing that you are always protected in making the right decisions for you. Always guided, inviting inner wisdom and trust into your heart strengthens your faith in your choices. For today a good mantra is, ‘I have balance in my life’

Loose yourself in the image. Let yourself ‘feel’, see, hear, sense deep in your spirit and soul. You are a shining star in your own right yet always connected to Source through your essence of be-ing. Your challenging experiences, your life lessons, all of which are helping you to grow and evolve. Whatever you are doing to ‘help you to help yourself’, Keep the Faith, KEEP GOING!

You never know who might benefit from seeing this message today so if you enjoyed this please share with your loved ones, friends and colleagues.



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