Day 1 Faith 1

As today is World Mental Health Day and also the 10/10 portal, which is a sacred gateway of awakening and spiritual enlightenment I have chosen today to start ‘a card for the day’ to run for the next 36 days from my SoulStar Positivity Cards – Faith Trust Believe!

At first I thought I would be systematically going through the deck from start to finish… yet as always when calling upon Universal guidance I am to take the cards in 1/1/1, 2/2/2 etc. order 🌟

So today for the 10/10 portal we have Faith 1 – My Tenacity of Spirit moves me forward

”New beginnings are here for us. Have faith in your own power. Make ‘I AM enough!’ your mantra for the day. Have the determination and strength to move forward and reach your goals, knowing that You Can Do This! Walk the walk from the power within you for it knows no bounds. You are limitless and free, light and bright, powerful in your magnificence.

Loose yourself in the image. Let yourself ‘feel’, see, hear, sense your soul. Know that your faith is real and You do deserve to move forward in a new more loving positive way now.” 🌟

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I am a mental health advocate with over 30 years professional experience.