Healing Trauma

Pure, unconditional LOVE begins with Self

We all have an Inner Child, full of Unconditional Love

How can we heal the traumas?

We are all unique and individual with a reason for LIVING. Every one of us wanted here on earth. We all have inside of us an inner child. All born a ball of love. It is only our experiences in life that influence who we become. Yet if we are not happy with who we have become we can choose to change whenever we desire, come full circle, back into living from our heart space of pure, unconditional love. Only we can make this happen for us with a determination to succeed against all the odds and nay-sayers. Even the most horrific of childhood traumas can be worked through if we are willing to do the work on ourselves, on our WHOLE from the inside out – from our true inherent knowledge, that of the loving energy we are born with. Energy that can change when we make a shift in our vibration in choosing to face our ‘fears’ head on, for after all, they are only false evidence appearing real. Changing our perceptions, our beliefs by sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and by our very own sixth sense, that of our inherent knowing.

Seeing – Seeing the beauty all around us through our inner child’s eyes; the blue of the oceans and skies, the green of the fields and trees, the flowers, birds, and bees, the sand beneath our feet each grain glistening in the golden yellow sunlight.

Hearing – Hearing the birdsong, the waves in the ocean, pebbles on the shore, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, crunching through the Autumn leaves with childlike laughter.

Touching – Touching the trees, the softness of the breeze.

Smelling – Smelling the air with the innocence of a child, taking in every last breath.

Tasting – Tasting the salt of the sea, a raindrop, a tear rolling down the cheek…

Sixth Sense – Sensing, trusting when something works for us, no need to question how, analyse or pull to shreds that which is inherently given – Our bodies own natural power to heal.

So we begin to heal our traumas by acknowledging that these experiences did happen to us, validating that they were real. As we accept this we then begin to feel our emotions through our heart centre, slowly releasing the traumas of the past, for that is where they are, in the past. Begin to live in this NOW moment. When we live from the loving space of our heart (rather than our head) we truly start to blossom. As we open ourselves up from our heart space, like the trees, see the blossom (those often unfounded ‘fears’) gently floating away as we open to uncover new beginnings, welcoming them with open arms into our life. Ah, life begins to feel good, our minds begin to settle into a peace and serenity long forgotten yet never left.

We only have to look around the world at the multitude of people who inspire us daily with their stories of recovery and determination to succeed. Be like one of my favourite Inspirational role models Australian born Maddy, MadelineStuart, a pure Force of unconditional LOVE, her love of self knows no bounds! We always have a choice, for it is OUR life, like Maddy, OWN it!

Change what we feel no longer serves us. Acknowledge that accepting help is a strength, a very valuable part of who we are, acknowledging that it is ok. Help can come in many forms and your own inherent sense will guide you through if you will only ‘listen‘.

  • Laughter
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Shamanic healing
  • Support groups
  • Music
  • Counselling
  • Dancing
  • Past life regression
  • LIVING in the now Present moment…

Hear our soul sing with LOVE when we follow our inner guidance

Healing trauma with our pure, unconditional love of SELF

If you would like to see how I may help you, please send me a message below or call 07850 591944

*Photo by Jose Ibarra on Unsplash



By PosiTone®

Body, Mind, Spirit - Well-being

I am a mental health advocate with over 30 years professional experience.

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