HEALING the traumas of abuse (part one)

In loving memory of ROBERT WILLIAM PEAD,
Dear Brother of Brian and Alan

Dear ALL

Please help us stop this constant persecution of the Pead Family so that they may receive the justice so rightly due to them. They need to be ‘heard’. Please help us spread this message, let it go viral. It is time now, for all child abuse to stop.

A family holocaust of unbelievable magnitude, a whole family desecrated by the very authorities who had a ‘duty of care’ to lovingly protect them all. This family’s destruction multiplied millions worldwide!

It is time now, to support and nurture our children across the world so that we may bring peace to our lands, our hearts, our very souls.

It is time now, for truth and honesty from ALL to be revealed.

No child ought ever to suffer, ever again.

Thank you from the very depths of my heart to yours for caring and sharing so strongly en masse so that we may all help bring PEACE and LOVE to OUR World 


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