A day in my life…

Welcome to a day in my life…

Thank you bed! I may wake feeling toasty and wanting to stay cosy, no excuse needed to have an extra snooze if I can 😊 and as rest is always good for my body, mind and soul I might enjoy another half hour or so.

Every day as I wake I always speak positive affirmations in my mind, thanking the Universe for my day ahead, being grateful for a roof over my head, for family and friends, the sand and the sea, the birds and trees… Pulling back the curtains, blue sky, great day ahead. And who knows what this day will bring! Each day a new adventure… I wonder what I will learn today from others.

I do my best each day to keep my self-talk one full of positive optimism and laughter. Life can be tough out there. Yes, like everyone I reflect on the past, though what has gone has gone, so I learn and grow, moving forward ever-evolving. As I affectionately call PosiTone the ‘Home of LOVE’ my role is to bring out the best in everyone who walks through my door, my door is always open to help guide others to help themselves. With more love in our lives, we will be in a nicer place.

Drink some water, play some music or chanting, bathe and eat, fruit maybe… Glancing in the mirror – I love you, I really, really love you… this really makes me smile, does it you? Actually, it makes me giggle. I smile each morning, it is infectious. Just imagine if we all smiled more what positive energy we will give to the world. I’ve got my dinner in for tonight, fancy a plate of wholesome roasted veggies, looking forward to that. Next, a quick work out on the toning bed to release those feel-good endorphins then check my diary, see which lovely people I will meet today!

It’s not very often that I get fed up but we all have off days and yes, like everyone I do get cross and frustrated, then I smile and say thank you for the lessons. Rather than buy into another’s drama, because if I do I’ll be sharing negative energy too I take a step back these days. When I think about others, I see people charging around as I once did, running on nervous energy, not thinking about your own well-being. I know I am a Well-being Coach, but I am still human and have my own challenges to face too. I believe we all need to take more time out to listen from the inside first, from the heart.

My week ahead can see me facilitating toning table sessions, therapies or teaching. My swimming teaching fills me with so much happiness. I love working with the little ones, and they teach us so much too! Sessions with adults are also just as rewarding. Mostly all could never swim before they came to me not ready for the channel yet but what progress! Others training for triathlons seeking technique skills. I absolutely LOVE to see the faces of all when they achieve a personal goal, it’s the best feeling!

Lunch, perhaps a walk… I do my best to give a friendly smile to all I pass along the way, a kindly hug with friends and colleagues. LOVE goes a long way. Throughout my day with others we share laughter, we cry, we joke, all sorts of different things. What a wonderful feeling knowing that today like most days I am helping others to reshape and restructure their lives.

Blimey, do you know what, its almost 6 pm! Must eat. The early evening may bring Peer Support facilitator training with The Emerging Kind (tEK) or maybe a spiritual or 3Principles meeting.

Later, having a hot soak, I reflect on my day, maybe get some inspiration! For me, a hot bath is when my mind goes into creative overdrive…got to get back to dancing! It may have been a day of volunteering, helping out in some way, sharing, giving and receiving. Such variety, I love my work 💛

Anyway, just before I settle down for the night maybe prep up for swimming teaching tomorrow, read a little or check out any messages, maybe watch a movie. You know only the other day I watched ‘The Bucket List’ with my husband. Laugh, we did indeed laugh, until we cried! Have you seen it? It was brilliant. Laughter, oh so good for the soul.

Memories run through my mind. I remember 6 years ago after marrying on Christmas Eve, we stayed at Raithwaite Hall in Whitby, a beautiful place. Now being a Yorkshire lass, I love my gravy. Do you like gravy? As our Christmas dinner was being served the next day my eyes caught sight of the minuscule trickle of gravy on the plate before me. Oh ek, I really would like more… so I politely asked the waitress if I may have a pot of gravy. The lovely waitress was I guess taken aback, more gravy she said with raised eyebrows…maybe because it wasn’t cranberry sauce I was asking for. Coming back with the tiniest pot I have ever seen, which amused my husband no end (him being a Southerner) … I daren’t ask for more 😉

I am also having Aloe Vera overload. I was kindly given by a neighbour, a huge multi-plant section of Aloe Vera which yielded around 20 plants, now yielding around 40 more! The plant has wonderful healing properties, and I am so grateful for the gift. Just holla if you too would like to be gifted one of these amazing plants.

Now just as my day began with loving thanks, I end my day the same, grateful for all that I have experienced. More memories come flooding through. My beautiful children and two gorgeous grandsons 💛 And, as my head touches the pillow at the end of my day, again I thank everything from a roof over my head, a comfy bed, food in my belly and I thank everyone from my beloved family and friends to all the lovely new people I have yet to meet for being in my life. Thankful for another beautiful day and for a restful, peaceful sleep until morning, and in all of this I remember to always thank myself.

Last but not least – Thank you to You, for taking the time to read my blog today. Be kind to yourself, give yourself unconditional love and it will ripple out into your world.

If you would like help and guidance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

*Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

By PosiTone®

Body, Mind, Spirit - Well-being

I am a mental health advocate with over 30 years professional experience.

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