Feeling emotional…a year on since finding myself for the first time in my life in the ‘traumatic’ place of being homeless and in debt, dis-empowered and reliant, yet very grateful, upon a ‘system’ of heart wrenching ‘ticky box’ enquiring.

Challenge after challenge came, and slowly, gently I pulled myself back up through the mire of human living. The empathy and unconditional loving support I have received along the way shows me what I have always known, that we live in a world of beauty, care and compassion, a world full of LOVE. A world where the Force of LOVE can, and does conquer over adversity. I want to share with everyone my optimism and positivity and to thank all those who have shown me over these recent months the greatest of human kindness in adversity; my be-loved, friends and family, staff / businesses / service providers, of which there are way too many people to name. From those who have unconditionally supported both myself and my be-loved to those who have helped us with our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, nutritional, environmental, financial and social well-being, and indeed, continue to do so no matter what. You are ALL absolute priceless Gems!

During these times of great ‘dis-stress’ I know that I have on occasion seemed somewhat forceful due to buying into my own ‘fears’ – frustrations at finding myself fraught in that ‘out of character’ space. I give my sincerest apologies to anyone along the way who may have felt hurt by my manner in any way during this time, I am so very grateful.

I have always believed in the power of Divine Magical, mystical timing and have been proved right to do so at every turn, as at the 11th hour, help always arrives in the most amazing, and sometimes bizarre of ways! My faith is my strength, as I keep the faith, trust and believe in the power of LOVE I come back ever stronger than before.

With the deepest heart-felt gratitude I send out my LOVE to you all, each and every one of you know who you are, and know how much your help has been a part of strengthening both mine and my be-loved’s resolve to survive, Thank You x

Turning LIFE around

By PosiTone®

Body, Mind, Spirit - Well-being

I am a mental health advocate with over 30 years professional experience.

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