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Hello, my name is Jenny Tollinton and I offer you a warm welcome to my website, thank you for visiting today.

My work with you is as a Soul Guide, working intuitively to reach the very depths of your BEing from the inside out in a very deep and profound yet fun-loving and unique way of helping you, ‘TO HELP YOURSELF‘.

I offer guidance on self-motivation to change; how you can achieve a balanced lifestyle; boost your self-esteem; and tone your body, mind, soul and spirit into heart centred calmness. I know how hard it can feel for you to take that first step… You know how much you want these changes in your life.

“Jenny has a true understanding of mental health, of all aspects of health and she has helped me so much, as the answers can’t all come from what is scripted…..real help comes from people’s cores, from people who work from the heart and not from what books they’ve read which all spout the same one size fits all approach to mental health, if the medical field could find a way to work in tandem with the holistic practitioners, I think so many more of us would find solutions that fit.” – Chelle Da Voil

How I can help you feel better

I help guide you towards helping yourself to live a healthier, more positive and calming life – helping you learn how to be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Using a person-centered holistic (whole body) approach I offer Soul Guidance on self-motivation to change; how you can achieve a balanced lifestyle; boost your self-esteem, and more.

I am a Reiki Seichem teaching master registered with the Reiki & Seichem Association, a ThetaHealing® practitioner, and channeler of Energy Healing through  Light Language and Sound. I am the creator of SoulStar Positivity Cards and Author of two (not for profit) self-help books.

To find out more about how I may help you please call

07850 591944

I look forward to meeting you 💎


always learning, FOREVER-evolving

Soul Guidance

Living from your Heart Centre of pure and unconditional LOVE



SoulStar Positivity Cards



“Soul Guidance – Jenny has become my mentor. She is a truly wise woman. I can recommend her life coaching and Reiki healing without reserve.”

“Reiki Seichem – I suffer with anxiety & insomnia & have been to see her on numerous occasions for various therapies but I especially like the Reiki as it makes me so relaxed.”

“Ear Candling/Reiki – “I feel like a changed person!”

“Toning table exercise – Really feeling the benefits of sessions especially on my shoulder. Great improvement all round, Highly recommend.”

“Swimming Tuition – I am 50+ and have been afraid of water since I was 5 … finally got my head around learning to swim as one of my bucket list things to do after 50! All I needed was an understanding, patient swimming tutor…. From my first lesson I was really inspired to learn… great pace of instruction mixed with friendly encouragement and support…”

“SoulStar Cards – Just wanted to tell people how helpful these cards have been. Very accurate for the situations that have been happening to me over the last few months.”

“Author – Jenny is an inspiration. Her book illustrates her tenacious and determined character which led her through the dark times to the healing light.”

Jenny’s Blog Contact

07850 591944


“DISCLAIMER; all services work alongside of, and not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. It is strongly recommended that you contact your physician or healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your health. Clients accept full responsibility for their own well-being.”