Spiritual Coach

Discover the power of you

Find inner happiness

Replace fear with freedom

Discover peace and harmony

Create happiness within

Spiritual Coach

Discover the power of you

Find inner happiness

Replace fear with freedom

Discover peace and harmony

Create happiness within

Jenny Tollington


Jenny Tollinton

As a Spiritual Coach, intuitive mentor, author and the founder of PosiTone®, I’ve been facilitating healing for clients throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and worldwide for over 15 years.

Helping people find happiness, inner peace, and harmony is truly transformative.

So too, is helping those who desire to go beyond tangible goals and dig deeper to understand themselves and develop a greater connection to their higher power.

For them, I combine my mentoring with a spiritual element of soul guidance. Together we explore the deeper connections between self-understanding and Universal Source energy.

In all my sessions, I draw on Universal Source energy and various healing ways to support my client’s journey, helping them find answers, clarity and direction.

I’m here to guide, support and facilitate your healing in any way I can.

Getting started is easy. Talk to me today.

PosiTone What are the signs

What are the signs I need help from a Spiritual Coach?

People choose to work with a Spiritual Coach for many reasons. However, the main reasons clients seek my guidance include:

  • transforming to a positive mindset
  • identifying your true purpose
  • releasing judgement and negative self-talk
  • clearing away internal blocks to happiness
  • healing past emotional traumas
  • manifesting your best life
  • navigating difficult life challenges
  • learning to hear your intuition
  • developing a deeper spiritual connection
  • realising self-empowerment
  • practising appreciation and joy

Talk to me today. I’m ready to help you move forward and achieve incredible personal growth.

Intuitive Spiritual Coach and Mentor

My spiritual coaching and intuitive guidance sessions take a holistic approach.
Using a combination of spiritual and health and wellness tools, I help you achieve your healing aspirations by recharging your body, mind, and soul energy.
PosiTone Holisitc


Marvellous shifts in emotional wellbeing occur when you listen deeply to body, mind and soul.

Soul Energy

Soul Energy

Extraordinary changes take place after replenishing your soul energy.



Remarkable turnarounds happen when you heal your self-esteem, sense of self-worth and self-love.

Reiki and Seichem

Reiki & Seichem

Incredible healing dissolves stress allowing your energy to flow in abundance.

Soul Exercise

Soul Exercise

Wonderful changes take place after channelling positive energy through your soul.

SoulStar Cards

SoulStar Positivity Cards

Magic happens when using SoulStar cards that empower you to have faith, trust, and belief in yourself.

Recharge your soul energy with Jenny Tollinton

Clarity and optimism

Spark your creativity, become a happier person, develop new passions, make new friends, plan for success and much more.

Confidence and direction

Find the courage to chase lifelong dreams, take life in a new direction, create the change you want and much more.

Emotional wellbeing and energy

Become empowered, discover the assertive you, improve mental health, kick bad life habits, release the past, and much more. 

Compassion and love

Bring about soul healing, attract positive people, set healthy boundaries, break down your defences, improve relationships and much more.

How online Spiritual Coaching works?

Finding you

Via Zoom or Skype, I connect through my intuition, listening deep and softly to your life issues.

I create a safe, confidential consulting space for you to let it all out.

Creating a life plan

After deep quiet listening, I am able to identify your energy blocks. Together we determine how these emotional or physical energy blocks are limiting your life. Then we explore how to make changes in your life and be at peace with yourself to bring balance, harmony and abundance into your life.

Reaching your potential

With a plan for your best life in hand and a newfound sense of clarity and confidence, nothing can hold you back.


“Jenny has become my mentor. She is a truly wise woman. I can recommend her life coaching and Reiki healing without reserve.”


“In a time when people put their own spiritual and mental wellbeing behind everybody else’s, Jenny has dedicated her life to reminding us to love our selves, to be forgiving to all, and to heal from places we didn’t know existed within ourselves. Jenny conducts her work with the utmost honesty, integrity, and humility.”

Paul Maull

International Spirit Medium/Tutor

“Thank you ever so much for a great holistic session today. I left your studio feeling ready to face my challenges with a renewed determination to succeed and 100% positivity.”



As a Spiritual Coach, I’m often the catalyst for change. And I love nothing better than to help clients get ‘unstuck’ from limiting thought and behaviour patterns. To do that, clients need to express themselves freely and honestly. That’s why I guarantee confidentiality.

My sessions provide a safe, secure and friendly space to express yourself honestly.


Totally Confidential


What can I expect from working with a Spiritual Coach?

Spiritual coaches help identify the emotional and spiritual blocks causing self-limiting behaviours, negative self-talk and more.  

Jenny Tollinton draws on her inherent spiritual wisdom to help you create new habits, thoughts and belief patterns to invite love, healing, peace and abundance into your life.

By healing your issues and altering thought patterns, Jenny reignites your connection with your soul energy to empower self-growth and confidence. That way, you don’t revert back to old patterns going forward.

How can a Spiritual Coach help?

How can I live a more spiritually connected life?

A Spiritual Coach helps you understand the deeper connections between your inner-self, your life, and Universal Source energy to find happiness, peace and harmony.

Are intuitive Spiritual Coaches psychic?

Intuitive Spiritual Coaches may or may not possess psychic abilities.

Since a small child, Jenny has always felt her connection with Universal Source energy. Her talent for soul-to-soul communication gives her incredible insight into healing energy blocks and finding inner peace and harmony.

Consultation with Jen - Positone UK


FREE 20-minute first consultation

I offer a free 20-minute first consultation to all new would-be clients. The time allows us to explore one or two issues and ask questions. Moreover, my free session helps you decide whether I am the right Spiritual Coach for you.

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If you are in crisis or think you may have an emergency, call your doctor or 999 immediately (the UK only).

For suicidal thoughts, call the Samaritans on 116 123 to talk to a trained professional volunteer (the UK only) https://www.samaritans.org/

If you live in Gloucestershire, UK call Suicide Crisis on 07975 974455

Others living outside the United Kingdom, call your local emergency line immediately.

For anyone in spiritual crises access the Spiritual Crisis Network at https://spiritualcrisisnetwork.uk/contact-us

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